Instructions for authors

Research articles up to 15 pages can be submitted for the Conference. The deadline for submission is 22 of February, 2015. Submission implies that it has not been published nor will be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere. All submissions are reviewed by the International Programme committee. Acceptance/rejection will be notified before 27 of April, 2015. Final version of papers must be submitted by 31 of May.

The papers should be written in English, using LaTeX or Microsoft Word, according to the Springer CCIS series style package. Selected papers will be recommended for publication in peer-reviewed journals Journal on Selected Topics in Nano Electronics and Computing and International Journal of Open Information Technologies.

The first page of a paper should contain title, names and affiliations of authors, and an e-mail address.

The papers should be submitted by e-mail to in TeX with all figures and PDF.


List of submissions:

  1. Igor Bychkov, A technology to engage supercomputing resources in volunteer computing projects.
  2. Alexander Afanasiev, Which problems fit to be solved using grid environments of personal computers.
  3. Robert Lovas, Orchestrated service deployment, maintenance, and debugging in IaaS clouds for crowd computing.
  4. Francesco Asnicar, Nadir Sella, Luca Masera, Paolo Morettin, Thomas Tolio, Stanislau Semeniuta, Claudio Moser, Enrico Blanzieri and Valter Cavecchia: TN-Grid and gene@home project: Volunteer Computing for Bioinformatics
  5. Oleg Zaikin, Alexander Semenov, and Ilya Otpuschennikov: Solving Weakened Cryptanalysis Problems for the Bivium Keystream Generator in the Volunteer Computing Project SAT@home
  6. Oleg Zaikin and Stepan Kochemazov: The Search for Systems of Diagonal Latin Squares Using the SAT@home Project
  7. Eduard Vatutin, Sergey Valyaev, and Vitaly Titov: Comparison of Sequential Methods for Getting Separations of Parallel Logic Control Algorithms Using Volunteer Computing
  8. Eduard Vatutin, Sergey Valyaev, and Vitaly Titov: Testing of Iterative Heuristic Methods at the Problem of Getting Shortest Path in Graph with Constraints
  9. Evgeny Ivashko: Enterprise Desktop Grids
  10. Evgeny Ivashko, Alexander Golovin: Association Rules Mining Using BOINC-based Enterprise Desktop Grid
  11. Vladimir Mazalov, Natalia Nikitina, Evgeny Ivashko: Tasks Scheduling in a Desktop Grid to Minimize the Server Load
  12. Ilia Chernov, Natalia Nikitina: Virtual screening in a Desktop Grid: replication and the optimal quorum
  13. Alexander Rumyantsev: On modeling of a Desktop Grid system
  14. Natalia Nikitina, Yask Gupta, Stefano Forli, Steffen Möller: BOINC server readily packaged for in-silico drug screening in preclinical environments
  15. Ilya I. Kurochkin, Vladimir N. Yakimets: Research of preferences of participants of the voluntary distributed computing in Russia
  16. Ilya I. Kurochkin: Adaptation of a conveyor processing method for the distributed computing on the BOINC platform
  17. Mikhail Posypkin: Large scale deterministic global optimization in volunteer computing environment