About the conference

High performance computing is extremely important for modern fundamental and applied science. Desktop Grid technologies are used in scientific research together with clusters and GRID systems, while Volunteer Computing assist in breakthroughs in astronomy, biotechnology, fundamental physics and mathematics, and many other branches of science. However, unused potential of Desktop Grids is still quite high.

The Third International Scientific Conference "BOINC-based High Performance Computing: Fundamental Research and Development" is devoted to studying potential of distributed Desktop Grid computing, exchange of experience in creation and support of fundamental and applied BOINC projects. Among other, reports concerning technologies of development of distributed applications, processing of data, mathematical modeling of Desktop Grid, fundamental and applied BOINC projects will be presented. The conference will take place from August 28 to September 01, 2017, in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia.

During the conference a meeting of the Russian Branch of "International Desktop Grid Federation" and a meeting with crunchers who participate in BOINC-projects will be organized.

Conference proceedings will be published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings (indexed in Scopus).

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