Instructions for authors

Original non-published articles are welcomed to the Conference. Articles up to 15 pages can be submitted up to April 03 May 15, 2017. All submissions are carefully reviewed by the International Programme committee. Acceptance/rejection will be notified before April 24 May 31, 2017. Final version of papers must be submitted by July 31, 2017.

The language of the articles is English, please accord to Springer CCIS series style (Microsoft Word, LaTex). Accepted articles will be published by CEUR Workshop Proceedings (indexed in Scopus).

The first page must contain the following information: articles title, authors, affiliations, e-mails.

The submission process is done via EasyChair.

Special issue


Selected papers, presented during the Conference, will be published in the special issue of Open Engineering journal.

The journal is Open Access and is indexed in Scopus and Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters / Web of Science) - Emerging Sources Citation Index

The list of submissions

Plenary talks

Congestion Game Scheduling for Virtual Drug Screening Optimization in a Desktop Grid

Natalia Nikitina


Enumerating the Transversals for Diagonal Latin Squares of Small Order

Eduard Vatutin, Stepan Kochemazov, Oleg Zaikin and Sergey Valyaev


LHC@Home: a BOINC-based volunteer computing infrastructure for physics studies at CERN

Igor Zacharov, Massimo Giovannozzi, Nils Hoimyr, Javier Barranco, Yunhai Cai, David Cameron, Matthew Crouch, Riccardo De Maria, Laurence Field, Pascal Hermes, Dobrin Kaltchev, Nikos Karastathis, Cinzia Luzzi, Ewen Maclean, Eric McIntosh, Alessio Mereghetti, James Molson, Yuri Nosochkov, Tatiana Pieloni, Ivan D. Reid, Lenny Rivkin, Ben Segal, Kyrre Sjobak, Peter Skands, Claudia Tambasco and Frederik Van der Veken


Split-Merge Model of Workunit Replication in Distributed Computing

Alexander Rumyantsev, Srinivas R. Chakravarthy


Task Scheduling in Desktop Grids: Open Problems

Ilya Chernov, Natalia Nikitina, Evgeny Ivashko


The Umbrella Project of Voluntary Distributed Computing Optima@home

Ilya Kurochkin


Towards Uncertainty in Desktop Grids

Evgeny Ivashko


Using Virtualization Technology within Volunteer Computing for Computational Material Design

Nikolay Khrapov, Artem Oganov, Mikhail Posypkin, Valery Roizen, Artem Samtsevich and Vladimir Sukhomlin


Using Volunteer Computing for Sound Speed Profile Estimation in Underwater Acoustics

Oleg Zaikin, Pavel Petrov, Mikhail Posypkin, Vadim Bulavintsev and Ilya Kurochkin


Session talks

About Crawling Scheduling Problems

Andrey Pechnikov, Denis Chernobrovkin and Anthony Nwohiri


A Gaussian Approximation of Runtime Estimation in a Desktop Grid Project

Oleg Lukashenko, Evsey Morozov, Alexander Rumyantsev, Evgeny Ivashko


A mathematical model of “tail” computation in a BOINC-based Desktop Grid

Yevgeniy Kolokoltsev, Evgeny Ivashko


Behavioral Patterns of Volunteer Computing Communities

Victor Tishchenko


BOINC-based furnace modelling

Stepan Rogozin


BOINC from the View Point of Cloud Computing

Albertas Jurgelevičius, Leonidas Sakalauskas


Comparison of Decisions Quality of Heuristic Methods with Sequential Formation of the Decision in the Graph Shortest Path Problem

Eduard Vatutin


Development of a Control System for Computations in BOINC with Homomorphic Encryption in Residue Number System

Nikolay Kucherov, Mikhail Babenko (Skype), Andrei Tchernykh, Nikolay Chervyakov and Irina Vashenko



Distributed Computing Systems as Project Learning Environment for "Generation NET" (RU)

Pavel Rabinovich, Ilya Kurochkin and Kirill Zavedensky


Implementation of a Brute Force Attack on the A5/1 Keystream Generator in a GPU-based Volunteer Computing Project

Vadim Bulavintsev, Alexander Semenov and Oleg Zaikin


Integration of Everest Platform with BOINC-based Desktop Grids

Oleg Sukhoroslov


On Distributed R Computations over BOINC

Anna Eparskaya, Alexander Rumyantsev


Optimal Mean Cost Replication in Desktop Grids

Ilya Chernov


Orthogonal Diagonal Latin Squares Generated by Rows Transposition

Maxim Manzyuk, Natalia Nikitina


Parallel Processing of Images in Mobile Devices Using BOINC

Mariela Curiel, David Calle, Alfredo Santamaría, Suárez David and Flórez-Valencia Leonardo


Perspective Platforms for BOINC Distributed Computing Network

Vitalii Koshura (Skype talk)


Templet Web: The Experimental Use of Volunteer Computing Approach in Scientific Platform-as-a-Service Implementation

Sergei Vostokin, Yuriy Artamonov and Danil Tsarev


Use of BOINC to Solve Applied Scientific Problems

Valentina Litovchenko


Use of Continuous Integration in BOINC Projects Development

Vadim Gusev


"XANSONS for COD": a New Small BOINC Project in Crystallography

Vladislav Neverov and Nikolay Khrapov